Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don't wanna, don't wanna, don't wanna

I don't wanna practice today. It's pouring rain, cold, and most of all my sacrum feels like it's been stepped on by a an elephant. So much adjusting going on in the workshop. And all we added yesterday was Paschimatannasana. This is going to be a looooooooooong three weeks.

Teaching my Beginner Class tonight, again, this time with Lori observing from the side of the room. Oy. How's that for pressure? Like doing your job with your boss standing over you. Except it's not my job, and she's not my boss, and she's actually incredibly supportive and seems to only want to help us to understand how to share the practice with others.

Oh, I'll be fine. I just like to inject a little drama into my otherwise humdrum life. As if watching LOST were't enough drama. Juliet is a bad, bad, bad girl, and she never had me fooled. She's Kate's doppelganger, you see, because Kate was a bad girl on the charted earth and now a righteous human being on the island. Juliet, on the other hand, as a righteous and decent woman on the charted earth, but is a total evil witch on the island. I'm not understanding how so seemingly intelligent of a woman as Juliet could have fallen for the ole "This film is shot live, and your sister is alive and well today, November whatever 2004." That photo could have been doctored, the footage edited, the baby photoshopped. Why Ben got cancer on the island is a bit of a mystery, and why Claire survived childbirth is a bit of a mystery, although the latter is less of a mystery if you choose to blame it on whatever scientific events happened that made the plane break in two and explode over the island. As for Ben, he had a tumor before Desmond decided to show up late for his button-pushing appointment. But was the tumor cancer? Has it gone in that direction only now?

I guess Juliet is going to up and get herself pregnant with Jack's baby and then off she will go back to the Others.

Stupid-writing problem of the episode: why wouldnt the Lostaways want to take over the empty Others neighborhood? Wouldn't you rather have toilets and running water and roofs over you head than latrines and Dharma bottles and lean-to's made out of tarps? Odd that there is no explanation of why these people are willing to stay on the beach when there are perfectly good suburban homes waiting for them, within walking distance of the beach.

I'm sure that this glitch is convenient to Juliet's storyline, in that eventually, I imagine her and the other Others going back to live in their little Edward Scissorhands neigborhood and working to keep Juliet alive to give birth to Jack's naive spawn and Claire's victim neice or nephew, not that she knows that.

OK ENOUGH! MUST drive down to Shala X.

It is now 9:05, and I have rendered it, essentially IMPOSSIBLE for me to do my whole practice. Sigh. What good would it have done me anyway? I feel incapable of Kurmasana, and Sir would not likely push me. I have a window of time after my 10:45 Practice Yoga class, where I can go to the baths and then to the shala to practice, nice and warm before Adjustmens Hell starts.

I say "Hell" wth a deep fondness, I should mention.


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Andrea said...

I totally saw that coming with Juliet as well...I have a hard time believing that Jack et al. would still be so naive to The Others' conniving ways. It definitely was the best episode in awhile..they have me on the edge of my seat until next week.

Go. Practice. You'll be glad that you did.


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