Sunday, April 15, 2007

In our family, they're all the "Wise Child"

Third cousins, reading the Four Questions, sent to me by Debpc. I'm just kvelling!

(They're third cousins, and yet they look like they could be brother and sister, no?)



BeBe said...

They are actually first cousins twice removed. Their maternal grandmothers are first cousins. Their mothers are first cousins, once removed. They are first cousins, twice removed.

"YC" said...

Sorry, bebe, but that is incorrect. The degree (i.e., first, second, third) of cousins is a function of being in the SAME generation to one another. So, Debpc and I are SECOND cousins because we are BOTH in the next generation from you and her mother. THIRD cousins are the offspring of second cousins. The "removal" of cousins is when generations cross. A second cousin ONCE REMOVED is what Debpc's daughter is to ME: Deb and I are second cousins, and so her daughter is MY second cousin, ONCE removed. Her daughter is YOUR first cousin, TWICE removed. If you don't believe me, google it.

Anonymous said...

on the subject of yiddish... i took a wrong turn the other day when i was driving and told my friend i was "fablundged". i swear this is a yiddish word, but he said i was making it up.

Anonymous said...

Fablunged is a Yiddish word. You used it correctly.

Jill Schoenfeld said...

All of this cousin thing (i.e firt cousin, first removed) is soooo confusing. My father and I would recently trying to figure it out.

Perhaps little Brian can explain.

Aunt Jill

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