Monday, December 18, 2006

What Like about Jew

It's Good To Be A Jew At Christmas (words & music by Rob Tannenbaum), from the album "UNORTHODOX"

I've neve rknown the giddy joys
Of other Christmas girls and boys
I never sat on Santa's knee
I've never tasted Christmas ham
Or carroled Winter Wonderland
I'm just not down with Christianity, you see...

It's good to be a Jew at Christmas
It's nice to be a Jew this time of year
It's clear that we're the chosen ones
We got eight nights, they got just one
It's good to be a Jew at Christmas

On Christmas day we'll eat Chinese
Walk empty streets until we freeze
Once a year the city's ours alone
Anyone you see must be a Jew
Why not say "Hi! I'm a Jew, too!"
The goyim are all getting drunk at home

Oh yes it's good to be a Jew at Christmas
It's nice to be a Jew this time of year
You know that Christ was born a Jew
Which means that Mary was one, too

It's good to be a Jew
Don't you want to be one too?
It"s good to be a Jew at Christmas
Good to be a Jew


P.S. Be sure to check out the other songs on Unorthodox, like the ode to JDate and "They Tried to Kill Us But We Survived". Rockin' good stuff. It's on iTunes. Also, the Barenaked Ladies do a couple of Hanukah songs, quite well, I might add. Check them out on iTunes as well! But truth be told, my favorite song of the season is, and has for a long time been, "Oh Holy Night". It is just so incredibly beautiful, and there are so many wonderful versions of it floating around out there. I have a reggae version, a version by 98 Degrees and a version by En Vogue. Kelly Clarkson really does it up nicely as well, but her voice is so powerful, it almost scares me. Finally, Sixpence None The Richer does "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" in tones so melancholy, it's all I can do to keep from weeping, especially if it comes on while I'm practicing Savasana.

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