Monday, December 04, 2006

Born on the Fourth of December

I always felt proud to share a birthday with Walt Disney, among other creative types who were also born on December 4th.


Then I found out that Walt Disney was born on December 5.

Still, I feel a certain kinship with anyone who was born in early December, including some fiercely creative types, as you can see by this list:

Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Bette Midler
Nelly Furtado
Dave Brubeck
Harry Chapin
Jim Morrison
Woody Allen
Lucy Liu
Anna Chlumsky
Julianne Moore
John Malkovich
Douglas Fairbanks
Kenneth Branagh
Beau Bridges
Felicity Huffman
Susan Dey
Donny Osmond
Terri Garr
Brenda Lee
Rita Moreno
Gianni Versace
Diego Rivera
Georges Seurat
Rainier Maria Rilke
Emily Dickenson

And then there are the few, the proud, the ones who along with Yoga Chickie (who has completed 41 revolutions around the sun as of today), begin another year of life on earth today, December 4th:

Marisa Tomei (42)
Jeff Bridges (57)
Tyra Banks (33)
Jay-Z (36)

....Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shorty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's yo birthday...


P.S. If you want to see a pic of my birthday cake, click on the title above!


Vanessa said...

Happy birthday! Love the cake :-)

yoga chickie said...

I knew that you would, V!! I put it there for you!

Ursula said...

Happy birthday, Lauren.

Ursula said...

Happy birthday, Lauren.

Tim said...

Happy b'day girl. Enjoy!

Wayne said...

Happy birthday, and many more to come!

Andrea said...

Happy birthday Lauren!


samasthiti said...

Happy birthday Yo!
Party like it's 1985.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to supta k in 2007! :-)

Sergio said...

I completely forgot about it! Better late than ever, so here it goes: Happy Birthday!!! I MISS OUR CHATS.

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