Friday, December 08, 2006


So, the home is under contract, and now the Yoga Chickie family must figure out what to do next.  What to do next will definitely involve lots of open space and the great outdoors.  I vote for Westport, Connecticut.  But Armonk, NY may have to do.  Both are lovely, with large houses on large properties..  More house for the money in Westport but less land and an over-an-hour-commute to the city for the Husband.  Less house for the money in Armonk but more land (generally, 2 acres per property, which is more than we really even want, let alone need) and closer to the city (for the Husband's commute).  More houses available in Westport.  Like 41 in our price range right now.  Much fewer in Armonk (like five in our price range today).  But this is because Armonk has fewer houses and fewer people in general...the kids all go to one Elementary, one Middle and one High School, whereas in Westport, there are four or five Elementaries, two Middles and one High.
And no, there is absolutely no ashtanga in either community.  I will have to self-practice (which I don't mind), and come into the city once or twice a week for practice with Sir.  I kind of like that me a reason to come to the city.  
The move will take place in the summer, when my kids will be in sleepaway camp, making the yoga transition easier.
In the meantime, practice was great today again!  Yay!  AND......Petri had me totally holding my own hands in Supta K, although he had to keep me from springing apart.  Still, progress, progress, progress.
AND...I found a place at the shala to shove my lotus knees after practice so that I can rock my own modified Supta Vajrasana.  Already, some of the thrill is gone; it's not longer uncharted territory.  It felt much easier today.  And so of course, I upped the ante, trying to hold my feet from behind, as in the real asana.  Course that didn't work too well, although I did manage to hold one hand to one foot for almost the whole ride down to the floor.  I am sure no one even knows what I am talking about....except maybe Ashtangis....although this may be too incoherent for even a seasoned practitioner.
Taught a class today at Yoga Sutra.  Then two tomorrow at Boom Fitness.  It's my busy pinch hitting season.


Tiffersll said...

Supta K improvements are always exciting. I look forward to the day when you and I can sit up, put ourselves in dwi pada and then go into supta k from there...

Manifest baby!!!

I've never been back east, so I can't help you on the moving location. I'm always in for moderate temps (72-77), not too humid, not too dry, nice sandy beaches, and hot men.

Tova said...

i used to live in a little box in the city, and then we moved to a "manse" as i like to call it, in the country, with an acre of property. all i can say is resist the urge, cause somebody has to take care of all that shit. so unless you can afford a housekeeper and a gardener, go smaller. i wish we had.

Cody Pomeray said...

I have family in chappaqua and scarsdale and both towns are great. just make sure you get central air!

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