Saturday, December 02, 2006

What is wrong with my backbend?

Looking at the photo, I can see that something is up with my lower body: I can't seem to lift my hips up. My knees are acutely bent. My shoulders feel nice and open. But who knew my hip flexors would reveal themselves as a problem? Or am I missing something? I guess tomorrow, I will learn a lot more, as I am heading to Shala X.

Wanna hear something cool? I bought my membership online last night? And today? I got a "welcome back" shout out from Sir!!!!!!!! Shala X Membership, $200. Paypal Extortionary Fee, $7. A nice note from teacher? Priceless!

Oy, I'm gushing.



boodiba said...

The link works! Via cut & paste of course.

I've got tight hip flexors too. From all those leg lifts, when I used to do abs like crazy. Ajenayasana helps. I'm going to be bad yogi after all that bitching & complaining & just do my own practice later I think. I know, I know....

Karen said...

Ajenayasana? I'm trying to look it up because I have crazy tight hip flexors, too. But no luck googling it. Any thoughts on alternate spellings?

Supta K will slowly reveal itself, Lauren. It's weird, because when you're in it, it seems like there is NO room for movement, but eventually it starts to seem more and more spacious. I can't pinpoint anything you can do to make it happen more quickly, except practice ;-)

yoga chickie said...

It's "anjanasana" - crescent moon pose. You do a low lunge - one knee is on the ground. And you try to backbend in this posture by placing your palms on your knees and trying to straighten your arms, OR you can reach up and back with your hands as if you were trying to reach the wall behind you (and maybe eventually your own leg behind you). There is a photo of Sharath doing the full version of this posture somewhere on the internet. I will try to post a link.

Thanks for the Supta K-pep talk...

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like your shoulders may *feel* open but are not. Your lower back looks like a hinge, and there is very little bend in the upper back. Bhekasana, Kapotasana and Supta Vajrasana may help.

yoga chickie said...

WHA?? Sounds a bit like the tail wagging the dog, or putting the cart before the horse, or something like that. I mean, Kapo? Supta Vaj? How? My hands don't reach my feet yet in Kapo. And I can barely manage Matsyasana, let alone Supta Vaj...

Anonymous said...

Some senior teachers, believe it or not, say that in order to stand up from backbend, certain body types need to do the above 2nd series backbends.

If it's too much, lie on a block. Place it lengthwise just below the shoulder blades. Stay five minutes. Be patient and the chest/shoulders may just open.

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