Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Hand of God-damnit

My hand in all of it's bruised klutzy glory. And yet this hand is the key to my learning to jump forward on the palms of my hands, rather than rocking forward onto my tender fingers.

Here we have the arty version:

Oh, and something is happening in Supta K. And by something, I mean something good. I am moving my shoulders further and further under my legs, making my arms feel longer and more mobile....I wouldn't even dare to try to bind at this point, with a towel at home, or in the Shala with teacher. Too much ouch. See photos above. But it's coming.

For some reason, my teachers are never willing to convey even the slightest optimism about my getting into any postures.

"Will this ever happen" has been met with:

"I don't know."

And even worse:

"You never know."

That last one was Petri. What up with dat, Petri?

I would only ever ask the question once my fingers are touching in a bind.

The exception to this rule has been Christopher, who has told me that once the fingers touch (I am paraphrasing now:), the pose is within grasp. No pun intended.

But I know. I KNOW. It HAS to happen eventually. Right?



Jody said...

It might not...happen that is you never know.

Tova said...

arnica for the is the wonder homeopathic drug.

Yoga Chickie said...

Arnica rocks. Jody's attitude...not so much.

boodiba said...

Ooooh that looks painful!!! Ice, ice baby!

You never know? What kind of answer is that? BAD Petri!!! :)

Tova said...

and don't ask your teachers if you will ever be able to do a pose. only you and your body know that. if you want to do it enough you will do it, there is just no saying the time frame. and assuming you practice for the practice, you have your whole lifetime, right?
i have been stuck at the same pose for a really long time. supta kurmasana is the only pose that has ever made me cry out of frustration. but after three years i was finally able to bind my hands, and then i realized that things were moving along, i just had to readjust my time frame. things are clearly moving for you too. keep working and you will do it.

CJ said...

There are 2 things that you can be absoluntely sure of in life:

1 - you are going to die

2- you are going to be able to do every asana

(at least that's what Guruji said - "everyone, all asanas possible")

Anonymous said...

Guy told me he NEVER thought I'd grab be able to bind in Supta K...Did you catch that word? NEVER. He only mentioned this AFTER I'd been binding with his assistance for a while - he would never say it without being prompted. Why are you prompting them? Of course you'll get it. Or maybe you are the one and only person in the whole entire world whose practice will never improve....HA.

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