Sunday, July 24, 2005

What?! No privacy on the Internet???!

"You mean...the stuff I write on a site like EZBoard's Ashtanga Forum could get quoted elsewhere on the web? You mean...the stuff I write on this Blog might get quoted on someone else's Blog? You mean...the stuff I write on this Blog might get quoted by someone, REAL LIFE??!!!! ARGH!!! Why didn't they tell me that in the brochure? What, was it hidden in the fine print somewhere? Grumble, grumble..."

"Well, Lauren, I do have some good news for you.... "

"REALLY??? " she says excitedly, "WHAT??"

"I just saved a BUNCHA money on my car insurance."

OK, feeling a bit snarky today, I'll admit it. It's just that someone (not going to mention names here because this person specified that he does not want his name mentioned here) posted on EZBoard that he was unhappy about my making a reference on this Blog to a discussion being held on the EZBoard....ABOUT MY BLOG!

In my opinion, there are simply too many things wrong with that sentence for me to even begin to dispute its logic. Suffice it to say that I don't have any illusions that the internet is a private place, a haven for the posting of private thoughts. I have no illusions that this Blog is private, and for that reason, I try to maintain a balance between what I feel is my obligation to write honestly and without pandering to a particular audience, on the one hand, and what I feel is also my obligation to not be irresponsible with my words, on the other. Thus, for example, although I met IVDP in person and know her real name, I would NEVER post it here, because her continued use of her "IVDP" moniker when she comments here tells me that she wishes to remain anonymous. On the other hand, things that happen to me in real life, adjustments that are made on my body in the shala, non-personal, non-confidential conversations, cute things my kids do...these things might turn up on this blog, although I will try hard not to "break" stories here that are not already known to the public, and generally to be careful of going beyond the bounds of "decency"...a highly subjective notion, but still....

But to anyone who is sensitive about being mentioned on my blog: if you want to avoid being mentioned on my blog, then you probably should not comment on or link to my blog.

YC (a/k/a )

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