Friday, July 01, 2005

Feeling antsy...

I practiced this morning at 9, and I am totally antsy practice until Sunday???!! How can that be? What is up with this feeling? Isn't my 90 minutes six days a week enough? Why did I feel the need to go bike 10 miles yesterday? What's up with this?

Nothing new to report in my practice other than it occurred to me today that my Bujapidasana is pretty damn reliable now, and my transition out of it is as well, but just a few weeks ago, it was not so. And a few months ago, my bujapidasana did not even exist, nor did marichi C or D.

This stuff works.

Also, my skin is super clear, and my hair feels very healthy. On the downside, I am not going to the bathroom nearly as much as I used to - wonder if that is because I am eating less. Also, I am getting bruised up from this practice, and whenever I practice Garba Pindasana, I get black and blue marks around my elbows. Will that go away at some point?

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Anonymous said...

i was looking for the benefits of garba pindasana, and stumbled upon your blog. i get bruises around my elbows too! it hurts to high heaven to do this position and if someone can't tell me what it does for you, i really can't see the point! any light on this ?
ashtanga bunny.

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