Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Karma Yoga begins....

Tonight is my first Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors class at Yoga Sutra...and I am totally excited and nervous. All of the women who signed up are either just out of chemo or are actually IN the middle of chemo...it is such an important time for them....and I want them to love yoga....

Practiced at Eddie's today, by the way, since I taught this morning, and I had a wonderful, wonderful practice. I really love it there....but I do have some reservations...mainly because I feel like such an outsider looking in. I mean, they didn't even have me sign a waiver there. I just show up, drop $15 in the little cup, practice and go off on my way into the vast abyss of NYC. It almost feels like maybe I wasn't there at all....although I know I was. Not sure if I am being clear.

I will try to write more later.



Anonymous said...

i am curious to know why people ha ve to sign wavers, and lauren, no need to feel an outsider, students that practice at ayny feel very welcome to everybody, i always feel kind of sad when i read or hear comments about the studio, it is such an amazing place, no need to be intimidated, also, eddie is very low key about the financial part of running the place, so no
computers, cashregisters, he just trusts people to pay on time (hahaha)good luck tonight!

yoga chickie said...

Hi ivdp, that was a silly comment on my part - the thing about waivers. Waivers aren't important to anyone but lawyers...I think what I was trying to get at was that I never "signed up" at AYNY - I just met Eddie, Barry and Sarah, and started practicing the second time I went there. Sarah is awesome, by the way...have I sung her praises enough yet? lol...she did specifically remind me about the puja on the moonday - and I am planning on being there...perhaps that will help me to feel more at home....will you be there? YC

Anonymous said...

i have a job around 11, but i was definitely planning on being there (funny, since i was going to mention it to you) so maybe we meet

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