Monday, July 25, 2005

Christopher Hildebrandt and Yoga Sutra

I can see that I need to clear up a seeming miscommunication on an earlier Blog entry from last Tuesday - July 19. What I am about to write shall be the gospel of Lauren on this topic, superceding all prior statements by Lauren regarding the topic. In the event of any conflict between prior statements and the following, the following shall be controlling (a little lawyer-talk there from the Yoga Chickie...):

I think Yoga Sutra ROCKS. It is one of the single most beautiful yoga studios I have ever seen - it even has a beautiful golden elevator door. When you enter, you feel like you are leaving this world and entering another one - a very special, peaceful, community-oriented one. Yoga Sutra has kindly provided me and my fellow breast cancer survivors with space and too much kindness to even quantify so that we can be comfortable and practice yoga in a safe and cozy environment. Christopher Hildebrandt is one of the most highly-regarded Ashtanga teachers that I know of around NYC. I have never had the pleasure of being in his class, but what I noticed was that his students were all practicing calmly and smoothly, even when practicing difficult, advanced poses. I did note that he has a different way of speaking to his students than what I am accustomed to from my Ashtanga teachers. That being said, his style appears to be quite motivating to his students(you could interpret that as a judgement, but a positive one), and his students all appear to like him very much. As my eyes sometimes drifted toward his classroom, I thought of how tempting it might be to practice with Christopher and be pulled into poses that I might not otherwise ever be able to do on my own (this notion of "pulling students into poses" comes from someone RAVING about how WONDERFUL Christopher is. What this person said was, "Christopher is incredibly strong; he can pull ABSOLUTELY ANYONE into ABSOLUTELY ANY pose.").

So, there you have it. I bow to you Christopher, David Kelman and Bess Abrahams and all the folks at Yoga Sutra NYC for making the Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors Workshop possible and wonderful. Much love and success to you....Lauren Cahn (YC)

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