Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rubber Girl

That's what I felt like today. My hands hit the floor in Prasarita Pado C. I grabbed my wrists in Mari A and ha my chin to my shin. In Mari D, I felt like my entire torso was going to spin around and face backwards, like a scene out of the Exorcist. In Supta Kurmasana, my head was dangling UNDER my crossed ankles!!!

But here is the amazing thing: Guy did not have to pull me into Mari C. He simply helped me bring my hands together! And then, that is when the work really began. From there, with my hands bound, he began twisting my torso from my hip-points up through my shoulders. Wow.

But I have to be honest - I was very very very very very resistent to my practice today. I was internally whining throughout. I don't think I ever counted my breaths - I just pretended to. Who was I kidding though? Only myself. I was patient in Ardha Baddha Padmotannasana, staying in it until I did it properly. But the rest of my standing series was a big fake. I am outing myself here. Then my entire Primary Series right up to the Marichis was just me phoning it in. Hello, 1-900-Johnny-Sharasana? But did get real. Very real. I am almost terrified to practice tomorrow. How much more can I take? All this progress is terrifying.

Now why should that BE?


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