Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Kurmasana!!! Supta Kurmasana!!! Calmness!!!!

Today, I vowed to practice with calmness and to stop whenever I started to fall apart. I slowed down before I got to the Marichi's and then took the Marichi's slowly and calmly. For the first time ever, I bound myself in Marichi B without any help, and low on the shin to boot! Marichi C, I am able to get into myself, but for the last bit of reaching before the bind - so no more grabbing Mark's arm and having him yank me into place. Yay!! Marichi D, we are still doing some yanking, but after he lets me go, I no longer fly out of the pose like a spring-loaded pop-gun.

When I finished Marichi D, I was so excited, I totally forgot to do Navasana and continued right onto Buja, which went super-well, a very nice, neat transition through Titibasana. Then I remembered I had forgotten Navasana, so back to that. Then another Buja. Then I rested and caught Mark's attention. "Kurmasana?" I asked.....


I absolutely love Kurmasana - it feels so right to me. It just WORKS. So, I was happy to be able to include it in my practice now. After Supta, I transitioned beautifully into Titibasana and back out.

I even had a breakthrough in Urdva Padmasana - I slowly, carefully got into it without having to come back down onto my back. It was absolutely lovely.

I even stayed in Savasana extra long today, which is quite a feat for me.

When I came out of class, I smelled the delicious scent of Chai, and I started to wonder, or rather, continued my continuous wondering, of what is this THING with CHAI??!! So, I plunked a buck fifty into the jar and poured myself some. And it does smell like heaven - like orange blossoms mixted with cinnamon, cloves and cream (i am sure there is NO cream in it, of course). As far as drinking it, it tastes just like it smells, but I never got a chance to finish it because I got very distracted when I got home by...ants....in my pantries... I was quite upset and shocked. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning out the pantries of all food that is not sealed. I know this has nothing to do with yoga, but I did handle it quite calmly.

I do hope that I don't have to kill any ants - my understanding is that ants come where the food is. Without any open food - hopefully they won't come back. Back to putting cereal in the fridge. Ah well...

Weighed in at a FIVE POUND LOSS today, incidentally.



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