Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In honor of my day off yesterday, full practice today.

And by full practice, I mean Full Primary plus all of my Second Series poses (that means, at this point, up to Eka Pada).

Yoga Sutra today. Yep. I went today because I had an appointment in the city with a breast cancer survivor from Virginia, who had contacted me via email to ask me to teach her some yoga. She was going to be in the city for Thanksgiving, and these plans went way back - months actually - so by GOD, I was going to make sure to be in the city at the designated time and place. That meant that if I intended to practice, it was going to have to be in the city.

My original intention was to go to Bikram. But as I was on the train, I thought...hmmm...Ashtanga...I want to do some of that...maybe I don't want to go stand on one leg for 60 seconds at a time in a 100 degree Sutra?

And so I went.

And it was a good practice. Not particularly hot in the room. Val's shala takes the award for the juiciest environment. And zero assists until Supta Kurmasana, and even then, I had to beg. I literally had to BEG.

She-C was like, "You can do this yourself." I was like, "I know, but I do that EVERY day. Today, I want a treat...please? Pretty please???"

Then nothing til Pasasana, where I was torn a new asshole for not putting my heels down. I gotta love She-C. Such a tough cookie, that one. I NEVER put my heels down at home, so how would I be able to suddenly do it on command? Still, one can hope, I suppose.

Then no Bhekasana assist. I have to say, it's a very strong pose for me, and if ever there were someone who didn't need that assist, it would definitely be me. My toes are practically flat on the ground - I guess my knees are pretty supple, because it can't be my hip flexors. My upper body is not up like an up-dog, but I can hold myself up to some extent. Anyway. Nothing at all until Ustrasana, and THAT assist came in the form of, "Do that at home. NOT HERE."

I still don't know how she saw me at the wall.

She got my fingers to my toes in Kapotasana, with a minimum of drama, but she wasn't happy with my breathing.

It's ROUGH in the city. CT is much more lalala. Both have their place. It's all good.



lgr said...

Who is "She C"? The new ashtanga teacher at YS doing the 9-12 slot?

lgr said...

Who is "She-C"? The new ashtanga teacher doing the 9-12 slot? I have been there a lot in the eveing time. Amy is one of the nicest ashtnaga teachers in the whole world. The room also seems to be consistently warm by 5 pm at YS...but I think at 6:30 am, it's a bit chilly

Yoga Chickie said...

She-C is the C who is not Christopher! I was going to call her C, and then I realized that it sounded like I was talking about Christopher. Hence, SHE-C.

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