Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Just when the boredom seems insurmountable...

I have a super-awesome practice. Everything clicks. Strength AND flexibility. Not one pose was unattainable (okay, well, I touched one toe at a time in Kapotasana, but still, my Kapotasana B was so good that it made up for it), and everything just felt great.

There is NO explanation other than the fact that I had a very bad tummy ache yesterday and felt very empty today. But maybe it was also because I didn't eat or drink anything between 7 am and noon, when I started to practice, and all I ate at 7 was a Balance Bar and 16 oz of coffee.

Oh, why bother trying to figure it out? It comes and goes. Tomorrow will suck. Or it won't.


This is very boring, no?


1 comment:

alice said...

so not boring! thank you for all your inspiration and insight :)

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