Friday, November 07, 2008

I HATE Grey's Anatomy

The only reason I was even watching at all this season was to see the relationship between Callie and Erica develop. It was adorable. Sure, like everything else on that show it was exaggerated. But I loved it.

But NOoooooooooooooooo!

They had to kill it. And while they were at it they had to fire the talented Brooke Smith, without even the courtesy of two weeks notice.

Bye, bye, Mer and Der and all your bullshit.



marie said...

would love to get contact info


rew said...

(hey lauren, i wrote the below as a response to you, but if you don't mind i'm also going to post as a stand-alone on my blog):

l.a. times critic mary mcnamara wrote an intelligent blog entry about the firing here.

in the article she discusses the underlying homophobia, sexism and ageism that underscores the storyline's abrupt ending and brooke smith's firing:

"I suspect what irked whoever made the call ... is precisely what made the Erica/Callie relationship worth talking about. Not that they were both women — good heavens, how dull — but that they were, how shall we say, average size. With hips, you know, and actual breasts. Not two girly waifs exchanging a stolen kiss or a grope in the women's room stall over a line of coke, not an androgynous club kid putting her best moves on some sitcom heroine. But two women of substance, physically and psychologically, falling in love and talking about it way too much, the way women tend to do.

As Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) might say: 'Girl on girl is hot. Woman on woman? Just a downer.'"

i'd like to also point out that with the erasure of the callie/erica storyline, the number of lesbian characters on any of the 2008-2009 616 primetime broadcast television series is approximately ZERO. multiple studies have shown a clear correlation between the visibility of gays and lesbians on television, and attitudes towards homosexuality (and rates of suicide among LGBT teens).

i know i shouldn't be surprised at this point, but the past week's events -- ABC's shenanigans simply underscoring four states' passage of absolutely hateful anti-gay measures -- remind us just how there's no resting when we are on the road to equality.

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