Thursday, November 13, 2008

Really nice kapotasana today

Right hand touched toes (with assistance from Val), left hand almost. The main thing: no pain, no fear. I've been hanging over the edge of my bed with weights in my hands, and this seems to really be cracking me open. Who knew?



susananda said...

Bed hang works wonders! I am always saying this.

Anonymous said...

How do you think bed hangs compare to draping over the ball, Susananda? Same?

Yoga Chickie said...

DZM, I know you addressed your question to Susananda, but as someone who has to earn every single bit of backbend that I get (not a natural like S!!), I wanted to give you my opinion: The ball doesn't work half as well. It creates a curve around the entire back, which means that I am going to really really bend in my lower back, but not at all in my upper back, and my shoulders are just going to kind of lay there and not do anything.

By contrast, on the bed, I can take the edge of the bed at exactly where I want to develop the bend in my back (thoracic), and the weights plus gravity equals amazing stretch, WITHOUT the lack of stability of the ball. Thus, much less risk of injury (although not without risk entirely, because it IS weights).

I notice that your mid back is really bendy, DZM, but that your armpits don't seem to open that much in your backbends. I think the weights would do you WONDERS. Could change that shoulder/armpit opening in amazing ways.

susananda said...


I agree with YC that the bed works much deeper. The ball is good A) for when you feel all scrunched up and need a nice mellow backbend just to feel normal again, and B) for stiffies who have a hard time getting up to UD in the first place. The bed rocks because you can start with just the head hanging off, and then move down one vertebra at a time, directing the intensity into very specific areas - whereas the ball give a more even, open, balanced shape. And of course you spend longer at your own specific 'interesting' spots and play with all the arm variations. I have never tried it with weights, but am tempted to use two cans of chick peas tomorrow :) I also like arms straight and palms on thighsets the front of the chest (platysma, I think it's called). Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you both have convinced me! I'll start draping myself over the edge of the bed. :-)

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