Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank you, yes and ummmmm, I have an excuse for that, Carl.

First, to Claudia, thank you! Yes, it is exciting to finally feel something open when you've been waiting for soooooooooooo long. Today was much better, although not quite as deep. Still, I got my toes and felt my back actually BEND rather than feeling like my arms were being ripped off to compensate for lack of a back bend.

To Linda, yes, I was there, and you were missed.

To Carl, oh, yes, you are totally right. I laughed when I read your comment - I actually contacted Habitats for Humanity, and they never responded. So there. In the fall, I am definitely, as far as I know now, going to be volunteering at a school for troubled girls here in Westchester. It's a once-a-month thing, where we spend lunch with the girls and get to know them and chat and act girly with the, I guess. Should be some good karma for me there...

After I came home from practice, I spent HOURS fixing up my garden. I have made many many mistakes, and I am learning. Light matters, for example. Too little light, and hydrangeas don't bloom. So, why have rhodedendrons in the light and hydrangeas in the shade? Lots of transplanting today. Also moved my blueberries into the side yard near some holly - both like acid. Yeah man. Acid.

Boring, boring, boring, I am




LI Ashtangini said...

Gardening is not boring, gardening is FUN. Too much sun is bad for hydrangeas also, no? I thought I read that. Mine is in partial shade but doesn't seem to want to bloom at all. Gardening makes for fun experiments!

Yoga Chickie said...

Well, yeah, I have heard that, but I have yet to see proof of it. They say give hydrangeas morning sun and afternoon shade. My hydrangeas are south of my house, which means they will never really be in the house's shadow. But, they will be in the slight shadow of the boxwood hedge that borders thr bed. We shall see.
Most important, i think is timing the blooms to where you will see them. The genius who landscaped this house put early-bloominh rhodes in the back yard to the side of the dining area od the back porch; who will see them there in the cold of spring when no one is barbecueing on the porch? So, i moved them to the side yard where they can be seen when driving up the driveway. And i put some shade-loving hydrangeas (supposedly shade loving...i am incredulous) along the edges of that bed so they will be enjoyed in full bloom (assuming they bloom) by people dining al fresco.

Also, decided to plant fall-blooming mums as a centerpiece of the front yard because since we have a fence and a gate, no one sees our front yard all summer (what with the kids away and all). When people start coming by again, dropping kids off, etc, the mums will be blooming.

Sounds like i have it all figured out, right? Hahahahhahaha. Now, we just wait to see how it all goes to hell...

If you don't like gardening, this is definitely boring!

LI Ashtangini said...

Ooooh, must go to the nursery this weekend and get some fall mums. I didn't think they would be out this early. I have tomatoes coming out right now, I'm hoping the summer lasts into late September/early October so they ripen. They got started awfully late. I'm all about the veggies and herbs in my garden. If I could just get the damn rabbits to stop eating the strawberries!

Yoga Chickie said...

Oh, the mums are out! Go get em!

boodiba said...

I'm not very good with plants, sad to say, except the kind you .... never mind.

So far I haven't made it to Mars for the Mon-Thurs, four days consecutive 3rd. And what the fuck is that stupid Natarnjasana thing? Every other kind of yoga you can hold your freaking foot instead. Bah humbug!

I have to think of some sort of reward I can give myself in attempted self-bribery... would like to do the M-F run next week...

Yoga Chickie said...

Natarajasana rebel! Give it a week or two - it is the exact same arm position as kapotasana - i actually do natarajasana with a belt and walk my fingers up to my toes as kapo research, and it is definitely helping.

We need to schedule a group Venki session. Would you give interested parties a group lesson (for pay!)?

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