Sunday, April 27, 2008

The shoes are cool.

Look how happy and cool and totally CITY these kids are.

I want to be them. I want to wear the cool MBT's like they do, maybe even with striped knee socks (I bet I can get a pair at American Apparel, which is where these cool kids look like they buy their duds), and be as cool and carefree and happy and able to do Pasasana as they are!

And here is Ashtanga Barbie. She wears her MBT's because she knows that if she doesn't, she won't be able to hold it together in Pasasana and will flail around trying to bind while futilely trying to balance on the balls of her feet. Ashtanga Barbie wears MBT's and makes them look HAWT.

And for the record, I practiced today up to Eka Pada. That is where the Good Doctor was going teach me up to starting tomorrow, and my friend S, who is GD's very close friend, says that she is going to go through the vinyasas of Bakasana A and B, the next two poses and Eka Pada, because that is what he wanted. Wants. He just won't be there. YS is such an interesting place, in a good way.



Gene said...

I found the best selection and prices for MBT footwear at

samasthiti said...

Those girls are so funky fresh!
And the guy checking them out, mmm mmm mmmm!

DebPC said...

Remember the thing from Free to Be You and Me where she talks about how you see all the people smiling on TV as they polish and wipe and wax and clean, and the punch line is that no one really likes housework and the reason they are smiling is that they are getting paid to smile? You take it from here.

Carl said...

Since you like those particular fugly shoes, maybe you'll also like the Z-Coil brand of silly looking footwear

Yoga Chickie said...

Duh, Gene, Walkerswarehouse Wanker. I already ordered a pair from Walkers Warehouse.

Anonymous said...

Hey yc,
The post has a pretty amusing article on mbts today

Yoga Chickie said...

must check out the post!

eeyore said...

must get a pair or two. notice how the golden gate is tilting in the photo? and in the opposite direction from that thing in pisa! really how can you wear these on say any street in north beach? walking to the shala you'd fall down. masai barefoot technology is meant for the plains of mt. kilamanjaro(? serengetti), not the hills of san francisco.

Yoga Chickie said...

Good thing I don't live in the hills of San Franscisco then. I live in the wilds of Bedford. Me and Martha. I bet she has a pair of MBTs. It's a good thing.

Carl said...

What about these? They might help alleviate the shortness of your calves.

Yoga Chickie said...

LOVE the gladiators!

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