Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Yep, this time I am not kidding. And even weirder, the Good Doctor said that I could have more asanas if I wanted. I declined for the moment...would like to work those backbends deeply right before UD.

I swear I am not kidding. It's April 2. I don't like feeling like I can predict what is going to happen tomorrow. What if I don'tlike what I see?



jrc said...

That's awesome YC.

Good Doctor? Is that a reference to the opening chant?

Yoga Chickie said...

Well, definitely a riff on the Jungle Doctor of the Invocation. But also, isn't he a PhD? And if not, well, he still is incredibly well-educated. So, I kind of liked it and thought I would trot it out? Do you approve of that as a nickname for teacher?

jrc said...

Yes, I like it. A benevolent healer, which is an apt description.

IMO, you should at least go up to Supta Vajrasana, which sort of neutralizes Kapotasana and completes the backbending sequence of intermediate.

From your pics and videos, you'll probably breeze through the next several poses until at least Karandavasana.

Yoga Chickie said...

I have a feeling that Kapo is going to provide me with some serious challenges. I think I need to absorb some of that first. But I know that shortly, I will be yearning to complete the backbending sequence because each backbend is another backbend in the experience bank. The more backbending I do, the better it feels. And that is what I want - to feel good in a backbend. It's starting to happen....

Where you there today?

jrc said...

No, I practiced with Greg this morning. Had an early appointment.

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