Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Much better!

Today, practice was delighfully uneventful. I wokeup feeling alert and unachey (relatively). I think that one side effect of this rigorous practice is that the muscular soreness that goes hand in hand with it makes it tougher to notice things like colds and flus coming on. I know that when I wake up feeling bad, my first thought is always to accuse myself of just trying to get out of practice. I should recognize, finally, that if I cannot bring myself to unroll a mat, then somthing must be up with me.

But I probably won't.

Temporal bones are all better now, btw. Whew.

Kapotasana's new interim goal: to be able to breahe in both states of the asana.



Anonymous said...

um, yeah. well, you might want to check out for my 6 am today heel grab. Just for you.

Yoga Chickie said...

i've been served, i see. Pincha mayurasana will be here on video;stay tuned.

V said...

hmmm...with the correct exit? :-P

Yoga Chickie said...

Well, i can only do what i can do, which, funnily enough, is more than a certain seattle someone can...heh. Maybe you can explain the correct exit though?

V said...

Correct exit: as you timber down, you lift your hands off the floor and place them so that you fall in Chaturanga position.

You once said Intermediate is easy: it's not if you do it without modifications.

Carl said...

So are the two Ls playing nice together, once more?

DebPC said...

This competitive yoga is starting to kill me. Please see the wisdom that is my blog post for today (courtesy of my man Baron).

Yoga Chickie said...

The moniker "V" reminds me of the Thomas Pynchon novel by the same name.

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