Sunday, June 12, 2005

Where were they today????????????????

So....the plan for today was to take the led ashtanga class at Eddie's at 7:30 a.m. Sarah-the-teacher told me they have it every Sunday morning (remember? no printed schedules....)

So, today, I got up at the crack of 6:20 a.m., showered, practiced some ardha padmasana to prepare for what was to come, and made my way downtown in a cab. But no one was at Eddie's one except for another student, with whom I chatted for about 25 minutes. When another student arrived, and the door was still locked with no teacher in sight, I realized this was not to be. Is this a sign of what is to come? Sudden class cancellations with no explanations? We shall see...

I made my way over to Jivamukti, but alas, no class until 10 a.m., and I was to be teaching a class at New York Yoga at 11, I got up my courage and made my way over to Guy Donahaye's Ashtanga Yoga Shala on East 8th Street.... all the way on the far east side of Thomkins Square Park...for an 8:30 a.m. Mysore session...

So, first thing, I was told that they generally do not permit drop-ins...but I told them I do have a regular Ashtanga practice, and so they let me come in. I was the first one there. Guy was finishing up his own practice. They told me I could begin whenever I was ready.

It was much darker at AYS than at ES's place, but it was warm, and it smelled deliciously of oranges and tea, and I felt inspired. As usual, I needed help with the Marichi series, and to my surprise, I bound on one side in D. The other side didn't happen, and it was quite difficult to do it on the side on which it did (right leg in lotus, left knee up, twisting over the left knee). So, when Mark, the assistant who was helping me, finished with me, I asked him if I needed to stop and finish. Happily, he said, "No need, just continue along in your usual practice..."

And so I did...went through the entire Primary Series, which for me becomes quite accessible after the Marichi's. Even Supta Kurmasana is do-able. I am ALMOST binding, my hands gripping a washcloth, two inches away from each other, behind my back. Most exciting was that Mark crossed my ankles and got them above my head, and in performing the transition out of the pose, he positioned me such that my feet were over my head, and I could plant my hands on the floor to take Tittibasana. It was SO cool.

I admit, I went through the Finishing Sequence in an abbreviated manner. I did have to get up to New York Yoga to teach Jen's Hot Power Flow Class (she is on her honeymoon). No one showed up. I spent about a half hour working on my drop-backs, and since it wasn't even my class (just subbing), I didn't give the lack of attendees a second's thought.

I do wish New York Yoga had the "shakti" of a downtown studio. Maybe someday.....

So the question remains, tomorrow: Guy, Eddie or Led at New York Yoga????????



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