Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday morning is my favorite time to practice?!

When did this happen? When did I become a morning person? Let's hope it sticks. I love being the first one in the studio, I love being there for the invocation. I love having extra time to stay in poses and not go quickly through them, as if I were leading my own Led Practice.

Speaking of led practice, I will be teaching led primary at New York Yoga for the next three weeks, twice a week, which eats a bit into my Mysore plans at 9:00 a.m., and I am finding myself not really excited about taking the Mysore at Eddie's at those days. But there is always 6:30 a.m. and then there is Jivamukti, which has in which my interest has renewed. Always good to brush up on vinyasa.

My weight seems to be dropping a bit. Let's hope the trend continues. I seem to have lost two pounds for real since I began Mysore two weeks ago (as opposed to simply weight fluctuations and water weight). Let's see what happens this week! I know I feel more lean and buff. I really want to be able to bind reliably in Marichi D and bind myself in Marichi C. I see others doing it and wonder - why not me? I know that is not yogic. I know I am not supposed to envy or covet. But sometimes I do. I guess it is something I am going to have to work with (rather than work to change - instead, work with the feelings, trying to not attach to them or to the feeling of judging those feelings, and then see what evolves).

All I know is that I am kinda glad that I am sort of stuck at Bujapidasana right now. There is so much else to learn and grasp and internalize about the system, even Trikonasana has things to reveal to me at this point. So, I consider myself lucky to even BE at Bujapidasana. Why move on if it just gives me more pressure to learn and internalize even more? I feel as if my head would explode if I were to try to learn the correct way of practicing the next three poses while still working intensely as I am with everything up to Bujapidasana.

It will all come in time. If i keep practicing, I will improve, I do know that. Some things will simply evolve to become easier or more natural.

I am nervous about teaching the series, but no more so than I was when i began teaching the New York Yoga Sequence. Perhaps even less so....


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