Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pasasana problems

As my backbends get nicer, I am finding Pasasana to be suffering. I can barely get myself into it. So, in honor of this trouble, I have decided to do some research and development on Pasasana, with the goal being to get my heels down and find my bind with the least amount of external assistance (walls, dog-toys, teacher) and drama.

And so, here is my R&D prescription for myself:

First, just settle into a low squat. Then settle into a low squat with a twist, both sides. Then, take Pasasana binding JUST the Mari C other words, the closer leg to the wrapping arm. Doing this, I am able to find my wrist and work towards a deeper wrap that will enable me to put my heels down while leaning my energy forward, so as not to fall onto my back. After doing both sides, I then take Pasasana binding JUST the Mari A other words, the leg that is further from the wrapping arm, such that the wrapping arm comes between my legs. Again, I can catch my other wrist, bind deeply and securely, press my heels down (or damn near close and rock my energy forward so that I don't fall backward). THEN, I am ready for the full pose. Now, I am ready to do the full pose without a rolled up mat and without going the wall for stability. I DO, however, need to use a small, stable object (like a dog ring) to guide my hands into the right angles so as to be able to bind. I assume that this is because I can no longer shift my weight around without falling - because I am no longer supported by a rolled up mat or wall. I also assume that the need for the prop will go away in time.

Incredibly, I actually preferred this R&D method to simply getting an assist, which places the bind so high up on my legs that putting my heels down becomes impossible because there is no wiggle room for me to take my weight and energy forward to keep from falling backward.

Hope that makes sense.

I have never seen anyone do this method of R&D, so I hope this is novel and helps someone!


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Karen said...

sometimes i bind while up on my toes and only sink back into my heels after this is accomplished...this lets me focus on one objective at a time.

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