Sunday, March 30, 2008


Always Be Standing.

CH doesn't let me NOT stand up on my own. If I want to do assisted dropbacks, I have to stand up. This is an interesting counterpoint to Val's approach, which is not to have me stand up on my own but instead learn it with her assistance until one day I am doing it with no assistance. Each has its benefits, clearly. I am improving. Bit by bit. I wish I could post a graceful, beautiful stand up and drop back. But until I can, let this suffice. Some say that it is harder to stand up from a held backbend (rather than exhale-drop-inhale-stand). So, I appeal to your generous slack-giving.

Oh - and I got a comment today about where the head and neck and eyes should be in UD. Guess what? "LOOK AT THE FEET!" And also: "The efforts you are making to look up in Urdhva Dhanurasana are misplaced." Seriously. I think that was the line. I find this hilarious. And at the same time, it makes me, nay, DEMANDS, that I listen. It's the thing I need right about now.

I cannot believe how difficult doing Parsva D the RIGHT way is. I don't know if I ever ever ever will be able to press my entire foot together and not collapse on the floor in between sides. And I don't know if I will ever be able to collapse on the floor between sides without getting laughed at. I'm doing my best to keep the feet together at the CT Shala as well, and for my efforts on Thursday, I got a "very nice" from Teacher.

YS is quite a formidable place, I must say. There are quite a few - many really - students who are deep into Second Series (it is Sunday, so all students who practice beyond Second practice only UP to Second) and who have lovely lovely Kapotasanas. Yeah, my driste was for shit. It w today. It was a particularly cacaphonous morning in the room. More my issue than anyone else's. My bad.

I think I need to ask for help in Pasasana. I seem to be the only person rolling my mat, whereas EVERYONE rolls their mat at the CT Shala. I can do it flat-footed if I let the wall be my fall-back. But somehow that feels like cheating because it is so much easier to place my arms and hands in the right positions with the wall as my guide. On the other hand, I can't bear to balance on the balls of my feet without support. It seems like a situation that is ripe for serious facial injury. Too much investment there to take it lightly. (Yes, Retard, I have also had rhinoplasty, as I am sure you are aware). Maybe I should talk to CH about this.

LOVING the yoga lately.

I suppose it is clinging to hope the love lasts. But I do.



jrc said...

CH is my favorite. Glad you're enjoying your practice with him. Your own practice is quite formidable.

Welcome to our shala.

elise said...

I wouldn't worry to much about the heels down in pasasana thing. It depends on the person, but Sharath moved me on and my heels were up. BUT, I could bind by myself...

Carl said...

I didn't realize we're supposed to do only one thing with our heads. It's been my understanding that we should move our heads forward, backward or relax our necks as we see fit. It's not like neck movement is dangerous.

elise said...

just watched the vid and that was totally respectable. i know you probably don't want any advice, but i cant help myself!

try walking your hands toward your feet sooner rather than later.

Come up to your finger tips when you decide you are ready to stand.

On your way up, stamp into your heels to stand.

be confident, don't hesitate, just go for it!

Yoga Chickie said...

Elise - I am happy to listen to the advice. Whether I am able to follow it .... hmmmm....I will try though...

Yoga Chickie said...

Carl - I can't explain the motivation behind the head/neck comment from teacher. No idea.

Blind faith is acceptable in Ashtanga, isn't it?

Oh, JRC! Thank you so much!! Did I see you there today?

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