Thursday, March 06, 2008

The fight of his life

I'm worried about Patrick Swayze, and I empathize with his camp's need to make it seem like everything is okay, like he's just going about his business, releasing movies and television pilots, while his body is being assaulted by a disgusting disease and the horribly, borderline medieval, treatment for it.

It's unfortunate that such a deadly cancer as pancreatic gets so little research funding compared with, say, breast cancer, which I am told gets more research funding than all other cancers combined. I assume that the reason for the discrepancy is that so few people get pancreatic cancer compared with breast cancer. Thank God for that, because less than 5% of all pancreatic cancer patients are still alive five years later.

Sorry to bring such gloom and doom here.



alfia said...

Yes that was a very shocking news. I think they are trying to downplay the gravity of situation. It is just a bad, bad cancer to have :(

On the other note. What did you think about yesterday's Lost? A new character, all of a sudden. Did you know that Ben was in love with Juliet? I am so clueless, I totally did not see it before!

Yoga Chickie said...

I respect that they are trying to downplay the gravity of it. But it also ads to the pathos of it all. Anyway.

So, Lost. Well, at first, I thought it was implied that they had some sort of relationship, Juliet and Ben, I mean. Remember the Book Club at her house? There was some sort of tension between her and Ben that led her to not include him in the book club.

But I did not forsee that he had a crush on her and would send her lover to his death in order to keep her for himself. I knew he was a sociopath and a control maniac, but I did not calculate that there was a part of him that had romantic fantasies.

I do wonder who it is that Juliet looks just like. Remember it was said that she looks like Sara, Jack's exwife? Now, why would they TWICE have her look like someone significant in someone's life? Could it be that Sara is the girl that Ben loved as a child? Probably not...I never guess things right with this show. But Ben's childhood love will definitely figure into Ben's character and plot.

I want to know who Ben's man is on the freighter. My first thought: Sayid! How insane would that be, if Sayid were ALREADY working for Ben? Or if Ben got him to work with him during the time they were on the island? But again, I tend to be wrong with everything on this, it's probably someone else entirely. Michael? Walt? Who knows...can't wait to find out.

I do think it is becoming clear that the Boaties aren't the enemy of the Losties. They are the enemy of Ben. I would also like to know how the hell Harper was communicating with Ben - through the whispers? And how Harper found Juliet in the jungle?

alfia said...

Well, Sayid and Michael are not far-fetched guesses, since obviously Lock knew the person (though, given the history of the show, I would not be surprised it could be somebody from Lock's "before" life).
I thought the whispers are just a strange echo on the island. Remember, when Shannon got shot, both groups heard the whispers and they sounded a little like them talking. I think it is more likely Ben has a hi-tech device which enables him to communicate with the outside world. Or he has a spy among the lost, which would be very creepy.

Yoga Chickie said...

Hey - I have an idea about how Harper appeared. Remember when Eko's brother appeared? Remember the times when Walt appeared? Remember when Mrs. Klugh asked if Walt was ever "someplace he wasn't supposed to have been?" I think that someone - whether Ben or the Island itself, PUT a version of Harper into the jungle to give a message to Juliet. I don't think it actually was real-life Harper. Oh - remember the black horse that Kate saw? Same thing. Not that any of this matters to the plot, exactly. That's the thing...I can never figure out what is forwarding the plot and what is just weird stuff.

alfia said...

All the apparitions before were of the dead people (or animals, or imaginary friends). Was there an indication that Harper was dead? Juliet was not particularly shocked to see her. I think Harper was actually there, she just disappeared skillfully.

Yoga Chickie said...

Walt wasn't dead, as far as we know. I think the jury's still out on how people simply appear and disappear...

alfia said...

Ah, I forgot about Walt! But he was very special, and it seemed he could appear beacuse he wanted to.
But you are right, of course.

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