Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kinda loving the backbends

Just like I have been kinda (more than kinda) loving Marichyasana D and Supta Kurmasana. Anything that is that hard won has to be worth it. Even if it isn't. It's Psych 101: Cognitive Dissonance.

Practice is remarkably unremarkable these past two days other than the fact that I look forward to tackling the backbends, knowing that once I get to Salabasana, it's like Primary Series falls away completely. Salabasana, even with its tiny, unleveraged backbend, seems to somehow undo everything that I have done to my spine during Primary and up through Krounchasana. All those twists fall away. The intense forward bending until the legs are behind the shoulders - it just falls away. And it's a new back. A back that is ready to bend backwards.

I do have to say that I am feeling a bit irritable, probably because I haven't been spending enough time on finishing postures these past two days. I will change that tomorrow, seeing as it is Primary Only day.

I will be making a field trip tomorow, into the city. Not sure where. Hopefully taking a friend with. A friend from the CT Shala. Yes, I do have friends at my shala. I just don't giggle with them in class. We chat afterwards and sometimes on the phone.

My Blackberry dropped on the concrete yesterday and broke, taking with it into the ether all of my phone numbers. Non attachment. Non attachment. Working on it. Sigh.



V said...

I often giggle in class. I can't help it, the things we do in practice sometimes are kind of silly and I'm clumsy anyway so I often find myself in ridiculous situations. I practice amongst people who I've now known for a good couple of years, so it's only normal that from time to time, we'll say something to each other or laugh. For example, my friends the other day told me to "do it again" after I scrambled around in Nakrasana. It was funny.

Anonymous said...

Aims of YOGA

Globetrotters said...

I loved being adjusted fully into Supta K by my new teacher last Sunday, just being in that pose with my hands bound and ankles crossed was so uplifting and satisfying. Hope she does it again tomorrow. Its strange how a lot of the really good teachers in London seem to have migrated from the other side of the Atlantic.
Globie xx

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