Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The ultimate in poetic justice...NSFW!!!

I just got home from a morning of Book Fair, Halloween Math Game Party, Talking To Tova About Backbending and Pre-Puttering Hardware Store Shopping and tried to log onto Laksmi's Squirrel Yoga Blog. One small typo later, and here is where I found myself!! Happy Birthday Yoga Squirrel! You've been porn-cloned!


p.s. this is how I feel about Halloween


Carl said...

I can see from this second photo that you keep your drishti too close. Try gazing at something across the room from now on, while you do your practice.

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD that is so wierd! HELP!

Yoga Chickie said...

Actually, we all have a porn doppelganger. Check it out:

Carl probably has one too.

It's like some wacked version of Andy Warhol's "Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes". Everyone will have a porn shadow....

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