Friday, October 19, 2007

Rescue me?

I am on Route 684 heading north, or at least I was supposed to be heading north. Instead, I am sitting with my engine off and my car in park on what is, at this point, a four mile stretch of parked cars.

I only took the highway to avoid the annoying school buses on the local roads from town to my house. Now, my kids are heading home on one of those buses, and I am heading nowhere.

Apparently a fucking tractor trailer jacknifed. Can't these people use the roads safely? Can't they clean up the mess without shutting down the highway entirely? I am a mere four miles from my exit. I could jog home from here and beat my kids there. But that would involve abandoning my car.

There are men leaving their cars to go pee in the woods by the side of the road. There are people more impatient and hyper than me pacing around the highway's shoulder, talking on their cell phones.

I'm thinking that if I were single, this could be a memorable way to "meet cute" some impatient, pacing guy. Alas, it is raining, and I am married.

Fuck. I am annoyed. And don't be telling me that the tractor trailer guy is having a worse day. Do you think I have not thought of that? It STILL sucks for me.



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