Saturday, October 06, 2007

I got Bakasana! (that's crow pose for you non-Kewl-Aid drinkers)

And it's riiiiiight here. I mean, right there, on the left. That's the Bakasana I got. I got it on paper, and then I got it on my scanner, and now I got it on my computer.

So, I got it all right. Not in the setting of a yoga shala, of course. But someday....yes, someday...unless, of course, I should take my last breath today, in which case I will have died a Second Series neophyte. A Kapotasana virgin. A non-nerve-cleanser. Or only very very very partially cleansed.

Here is the frustrating thing about Ashtanga, and I say this with the complete recognition that what is frustrating about it is the reason why I bother to do it at all: There are so many poses that you can do, so easily, so well, and yet you can't put them in your practice if you can't do the poses that come before them in the sequence, or if your teacher hasn't determined that you can do them and should move onto the next.

(Of course, there is always the ever-popular "crim" behavior, in which I am always willing to engage when I'm here in the privacy of my own home or when I'm at Val's and I think no one is looking, although it seems that Oni always seems to catch me and go, "So....whatcha doooin?" It seems good-natured though, especially the last time she caught me in a post-practice Yoga Nidrasana, legs wrapped around the back of my neck, hands bound behind the small of my back, for the non-KewlAiders. She told me that I would love Val's Intro to Second class, although it might not get up as far as the leg-behind-head poses, depending on who else took the class. Well, this was a long parenthetical. If I took the parentheses off, someone might read it though, and I wouldn't want that, would I?)

Aaaanyways. I'm not stating anything new here. And so I drone on, bourne ceaselessly into the derivative. (Another parenthetical: I feel that I must quote Fitzgerald here and otherwise show a bit of literary panache because of the possibility that the YC blog may now be read by several of my older son's teachers, with whom I shared some quite enjoyable chat yesterday during the annual Metric Measuring Day up here in Northern Westchester horsey country, where we admire metric but never really get around to using it. If this indeed happens, then I may be paving the way for Mrs. Laksmi to out herself amongst her colleagues....not that she is an educator or in any way related to education, not that there would be anything wrong with that).

Eh. If you must know the truth, well, here it is: I just wanted an excuse to show off my nifty little bakasana drawing. I did it all by myself as a logo for my new calling cards, and I figured out how to use my printer as a scanner. I'm quite chuffed, to borrow a bit of the Queen's English colloquial.



laksmi said...

yc, if you weren't so criminal, you would never know that you can do those other poses. FOR INSTANCE, if all you're doing is learning the traditional way, you are a good student and never do anything other than what you are allowed to do. Therefore, you do not know that you can do tripod headstand or urdhva kukkutasana or any of that fun stuff, because your teacher keeps you in the dark.

YC said...

Call 911!!!!!!!!!

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