Tuesday, September 25, 2007

While everyone was talking about Carl's piercing

I was doing my second practice of the day. I mean, after I escaped from the Jew Zoo in Iran, that is. Think of everything you could have accomplished today if you weren't talking about Carl's piercing!

I had a belly button piercing once. I got it after my second pregnancy to hide the fact that my belly button had stretched to the size of a small mouth. It worked because my tummy was pretty flat, and the glittery little jewel in the curved barbell was like an optical illusion, focusing the eyes in on itself, instead of the gaping disaster that was my navel. Then a few years later, I got a tummy tuck, during which my belly button was pulled down to nearly the level of my c-section scar. A new perfectly innie belly button was carved out by my surgeon in the proper place, and now I can't imagine sullying his work by putting a hole in it.

I also had my nose pierced for a brief time about three years ago. I had a teeny little diamond in my nostril. But I kept catching colds, and I couldn't help but think that it was because the little bugger was intoducing germs into my nasal passage.

For what it's worth, I was a bit baffled by Columbia's president's behavior; he wasn't a very nice host. But his guest was much less nice.

On a totally unrelated topic, inspired by Mrs. Laksmi, I decided to try getting myself into Urdhva Kukkutasana, and I was surprised to find that it was rather simple, once I realized that I had to place knees directly on elbows. Also, and this is much more pertinent to my practice now: I figured out how to jump right into Bakasana B. It involves holding my breath after the inhale and softly landing my bent legs around the outside of my upper arms, which almost feel like they're catching my legs the way a mitt catches a softball. After I landed it, unexpectedly, I did it again about 10 more times, or maybe 20. Now I hope that I can someday do it again. Meanwhile, I have yet to stand up from a backbend without assistance.

Someday, maybe.



DebPC said...

neatly skirting all of the recent controversy on this blog, she asks: Why two practices in one day? Hast thou nothing else to do?

Anonymous said...

this is a fairy tale, right?

Anonymous said...

oh, and now you're copying me on your blog. I just commented thusly:
but I think the columbia prez was pretty fucking ungraceful with his introduction. what kind of intelligent 'debate' or 'enquiry' is that? wanker.
(end quote)
and then you posted this little bit about the prez. well, it's nice to see you say something I guess. I mean, our president is a wanker, but nobody would introduce him like that.

Anonymous said...

oh and BAD LADY--do not hold your breath. And lotus does not go on elbows--goes in armpits. god! you're always copying me! it's so hard to be the popular girl!

skelly said...

When Ive watched these plastic surgery programmes Ive always wondered waht its like to have a fake belly button. It always seemed weird in a way cos your tummy button is where you were joined to your mum and a new one is just sort of decorative. Then I am a total softie

BeBe said...

Update: They switched YC for me, and I am holed up in the zoo (for the 3 Jews) in Iran. They mistook me for YC's mom and whisked me out of the US. So here I am. They have allowed me a laptop with input only to this blog. All my information about the world comes from YC. No room for my yoga practice here in the zoo. But it is secure at least. And they love women here - at least that's what MA says.

So I won't be able to blog to Lox-me and the guys anymore.

Signing off,


YC said...

Laksmi, I don't really care where my knees go. I can get into lotus while in headstand and then lower the lotus gently onto my legs and hold the balance, so I rock. Period. Full stop.

Holding the breath only allows me to land softly. You have to be in between breaths to land softly. You can't be inhaling and exhaling. It's inhale, land, THEN exhale.

Not copying your blog. My blog is one of the originals, and many were inspired by mine to blog. Including YOU.

S - the connection between mother and fetus is internal - the umbilicus. That stays intact. It is only the external manifestation of the scar where the umbilicus was cut that changes when an abdominoplasty is performed.

Anonymous said...

yc, tell me you complete the pose by doing the handstand part? is this a blog war? if you want, you can be the original and I'll be the extra crispy.

Anonymous said...

not to fire a round into the blog war, but when i do Bak B it's exhale, jump and inhale (virtually simultaneous) and land. Not, of course, that I should be doing this at all, traditionally speaking.

Anonymous said...

patrick, stop doing that immediately. leave it to people like me who can't do it at all after like three years or something.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, huh, is someone jumping into Bakasana around here somewhere? I swear, I've never heard of such a thing.

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