Monday, September 03, 2007

They're Back.....

Sir and Lori are back from India, yay!

They are going to be offering late morning classes, yay!

I am less kvetchy now that I had the chance to practice at my home shala with my homies and with my own long-time teacher, yay!

Who knew that would make all the difference?

I think that the problem with extended periods of home practice is that I have a little known, and I believe, rare, disorder called Inverse Discipline Insane Overdoing Disorder, also known as "IDIOD", but pronounced like "idiot". See, the longer I practice alone and without the guidance of a teacher, the longer my practices become, due to the increasing injection of prep poses and embellishment poses as well as the repetition of poses that I like, sometimes to exhaustion (like weight lifting to exhaustion: I keep repeating the asana until I simply can't anymore). And I end up feeling overtrained and tired and grumpy and very negative about the practice of yoga.

As you could see (see, e.g., Saturday).

This, I suppose, is why the ashtanga system is designed the way it is. Of course, in the throes of IDIOD, one cannot see this.

There is no known cure for IDIOD. It will happen again, but it can be brought under control by getting one's ass back to one's shala.

Please help in the fight against IDIOD.


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