Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am not enlightened

After Led Primary today, Valerie led us in some pranayama. First, Nadi Shodanam (alternate nostril breathing), then she added Kumbakha on the exhale, then she changed that to Kumbakha on the inhale. Finally, we did a seated Uddiyana Bandha kriya (exhaling all the air out and then pulling the abdominal muscles in to hug the spine) followed by Sitali (a cooling breath acheived by inhaling over the tongue). I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the extended seated practice. But I did not "feel" it. I felt nothing intense, and from what I have read, these are INTENSE forms of pranayama, not for the uninitiated.

I guess this is yet another sign that I am not enlightened.



Julie said...

I think it takes doing that practice everyday in wee morning hours to get it ;)

YC said...

Wee morning hours!'re serious, I think! What are these "wee morning hours" of which you speak? I am not sure I am familiar with the concept...?

Anonymous said...

wow. you did kumbaya in your yoga class? drag.

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