Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yoga Chickie-tsa


I loooove Setu B.

I almost ran someone over just now - his fault, totally. He looked into my windshield and mouthed, "Thank you" (as in, for not killing him). I smiled....just doin' my job, just doin' my job.



Ursula said...

I do this pose, but I think it is too much pressure on the neck. Now you are through. Congratulations. Ursula

Carl said...

What do you mean "done?" You are not done.

YC said...

I meant done with the learning of new poses in Primary. I thought that was clear. Ah well. I was driving at the time and nearly running a man over.

I will never be done with yoga...

Carl said...

Oh it was clear. I just thought I should razz you a little bit. I guess re-learning poses anew isn't the same as being given them the first time.

laksmi said...

Oh, and yes, Laksmi's voodoo on Sir is now complete. Now Laksmi will work on YC herself, for backbends.

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