Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two new poses!

New to me, at least. Well, not really new to me, but newly decriminalized. Supta Konasana and Supta Padangushtasana. LOVE these post Garba Pindasana poses, by the way. Love the rolling, love the soft stretching. love the denoument of the sequence. I get my strength back in force. My back gets a chance to fully neutralize before backbends. And my last task before backbends is Chakrasana, which I adore. I love pressing up with my legs as vertical as I can, landing without touching kneew or elbows to the floor and then hopping forward towards the front of my mat, Nakrasana style.

LOVE it!!


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sally said...

Hi YC,

I'm happy to hear that you have some new poses to feast on... It was nice to meet you in NYC - I'm back in Melbourne now. I really enjoyed the couple of practices that I had at AYS, the space has a good energy. I look forward to coming back some time in the future!


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