Sunday, June 03, 2007

A practice without vinyasas....

It can be done. And I did it today. I wanted to practice. All day, I was itching to practice. But this morning, we had Adam's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's which was, surprisingly not hellish at all, due to the fact that the party started at 10 a.m. and all of the undesirables are still tucked into their beds in Queens at 10 a.m.. By the time we were leaving to go back to the borough of Manhattan, they were arriving in droves. And not just kids either. There were plenty of adults there to play. Oh well. Hope they had fun eating their junk food and spending a hundred bucks on arcade games!

Then we had playdates for most of the afternoon until Adam had his skateboard lesson with, let's just call him, "Dude". Dude was such the dude, and a good teacher at that. Adam learned to toe-turn. Heel-turning is a bit more difficult. Maybe he will get it at tomorrow's lesson. Is that weird to take skateboarding lessons? I just realized that it might sound weird. No one ever took skateboarding lessons back when I was a kid. But now, THAT sounds weird. How can you skateboard without lessons? Would you ski without lessons? Or play tennis without lessons? So, skateboarding...must involve lessons. I guess...?

Anyway, by the time we finished with that, it was time to race home, take my bath (must take one of those every day, it seems) and get ready for dinner with the in-laws because it was Yoga Chickie's Husband's Birthday!!! Sad to say, I actually FORGOT that it was his birthday when I woke up this morning. Last night we went out to Stanton Social with two other couples, and we did the whole obnoxious "Happy Birthday"/candle with cupcakes thing, so by the time I woke up this morning, I suppose I had kind of put the birthday behind me.

Stanton Social ROCKS, by the way. BEST food. Everything is served as little nibbles. There are no entrees - just little bites of things. And dessert was insane. I never even eat dessert, not being much of the sweet-toothy one. But last night, we had little shots of chocolate malteds and a plate of "afterschool snacks" (homemade twinkies, ding-dongs and something peanut-buttery that I don't recall from my afterschool days). So, how could I resist?

Our dinner started at 7:30 p.m., since we are all old foagies with children who need our undivided attention starting at like seven a.m. So, we were saying that it's almost like we were eating at Stanton Social in a different dimension from, say, the Boodibas of the world, who wander in after 10 p.m. and mingle with others who have never gained and lost fifty pounds of baby weight in one year and who don't drive around the city in SUV's.

So, yeah, I managed to squeeze in all of the seated poses and none of the standing poses, and not a single Sun Salutation between skateboarding and dinner, because I basically had to squeeze it in while I was taking a bath. So, after I let the water out, I did all my seated poses up to Bujapidasana. At that point, I got out of the bath and did Buja and the Kurmasanas on my bedroom floor with my 10-year old assisting. He got my fingers to hook in Supta K. Then I quickly rocked through the rest of the "K's" (thanks for pointing that out, Laksmi), threw on a sundress and walked out into the rain.


I am soooo excited to go to bed tonight because I just put on some brand new sheets. They're Egyptian cotton and super silky, which I especially love in the summer because the silkiness reads as cool, at least on my skin.




adrian said...
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Cody Pomeray said...

wow! adrian is getting all vedantic on us!

YC said...

I don't really understand what she said because of all the typos. More of the same, I suppose. How do you mean "vedantic"?! As in the VEDAS? hahaha.

Debby said...

Here in Colorado it is de rigeur to go out to dinner at 6:30 or maybe 7. Most good restaurants close down by 10pm. That was really weird when I first moved here but after a while I realized that I'd rather be eating dinner at a "normal" time than right before I go to bed, anyway. Although, these days, dinner at 7 isn't too far off from bedtime.

laksmi said...

thank you. :)

YC said...

Debby, I wish I could go to bed anytime near 7. No matter how tired I am, unless I literally pass out on the sofa, I cannot put myself to bed until midnight most nights. So counterproductive, and yet....

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