Friday, June 01, 2007

The absolute LAST post in which "Cheri" gets any attention at all on this blog

She is not in NYC. A good stat counter is pretty nifty that way. It can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt where a reader is when both they read your blog and they comment on it.

Cheri is in Seattle.

I bring this up only because Cheri's tone on her blog and her comments on mine have raised some red flags lately amongst someone who actually does have a degree in psychology. There was some concern (based on all of the references to Yoga Chickie in Cheri's blog and the increasingly provocative comments - not sexually provocative, but generally provocative - on my blog coming from her), that Cheri actually IS in NYC and posed some sort of threat to my well-being, let's just say.

She is not in NYC though.

She is in Seattle.

And it appears that she knows that the jig is up.



skelly said...

does your stat counter say Alnwick when I visit, if it does it must be very good indeed. The best I get on mine for anywhere in England in London and Birmingham the rest of us small places dont seem to exist. Even though Harry Potter was flimed here !!!!!

Patti said...

Hurray! "Cheri" was not entertaining or clever or thought provoking. When you go to the trouble of making a ficitonal character, even just to annoy others, it should at least be smart or funny or somehow interesting and Cheri failed on all levels.

YC said...

Skelly, I believe that it records you as being in Leeds or Lambeth. And Patti, is it Nokia, Finland? I just did a really quick check. Sometimes you get routed far out and away from where you are. But NEVER would a person in NYC be routed through Seattle.

The real Cheri has not come forward to comment on this blog entry and probably never will again, most likely because she knows that it will only provide me with more information about who she is. The thing is, I already know and need no further confirmation. What I don't know is why I have captured this person's imagination/hatred/ire/ to the point where she felt lik creating an entire array of characters to mock me.

No matter. I am just happy I am a continent away.

skelly said...

Leeds the cheeky swines I am only a few miles from the scottish borders, leeds is miles away in fact its in Yorkshhire!!!!!

YC said... could have been Scotland too. I didn't look for that. I only searched United Kingdom, but Scotland comes up separate, I believe.

Cody Pomeray said...

I think you might be jumping to conclusions. I'm not well-versed in back-end technology, but I've known some IT guys that could do crazy stuff - mask IP addresses, send spoof e-mails, intentionally re-route things, etc.

Perhaps "Cheri" wants to you think that he/she is from Seattle by leaving false tracks?

YC said...

Methinks Cheri is not that smart, nor has she put that much work int this, Mr. Massachusetts, although there are a few readers in Massachusetts and I have not had time to pin down your exact location...but I could if I tried...hehehe.

idoru said...

You most certainly have too much time on your hands. It must be nice..

YC said...

Well, idoru, that was judgemental, wasn't it? To say that i have too much time? Too much is a judgement. A lot of time is an observation, although in certain contexts, it could be seen as judgemental too. Anyway, as a yoga teacher, i hope that you do not bring that sort of judgementalness into your classes, because, if so, you might find yourself with empty classes. Just my "too much time on my hands" observation. And yes, my life is quite nice.

Carl said...

Cody, you didn't tell us you won the Mr. Massachusetts contest. Congratulations!

idoru said...

I did not judge you. It was an observation based on the impression that you have time to track where comments are coming from. No problem with that. If you felt your safety was in jeopardy, you did the right thing, no matter how much time you have.

I'm glad your life is nice. It makes me very happy to hear that.

YC said...

You said, "Too much". Own it.
Enuf sed.

idoru said...

fair enough.

laksmi said...

yc, I think idoru might not understand (and I think the moniker actually means 'I adore U') that a true blogger, especially an ashtanga blogger, is a driven person who MAKES time, no matter how busy, to comment, check stats, etc. It's just all part of the obsession. :)

YC said...

I just think he was being bitchy. Me no likey the bitchy when me in bitchy mood. Me takey no prisoners today!

laksmi said...

yeah. no room for prisoners. it's the weekend.

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