Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thank you, R. Sharath

I had to miss Lori's led class yesterday because we had to get our butts up to Westchester to do an unofficial inspection of the house with the pond (by unofficial, I mean, an engineer was not present), to check out some details about the house. There were lots of geese and lots of goose poop, by the way. But I am not deterred. There must be a way to deal with this. Anyway, it was the first day that the snow had thawed and the geese had just come back, and there had been no landscaper to clean things up.

The house is really special. Sure, it could use new doorknobs that are more my taste. It could use some tiling on the master bathroom's shower (my master bathroom shower in my current digs is really nicely tiled with tumbled marble in a mosaic pattern; it's surprising to see a fairly upscale house with a one-piece shower unit - no tiles at all. The bath is fabulous - a big jacuzzi. But the shower? It's like they forgot about it.) Also, it needs one closet's door to be changed from inside a bedroom closet to a linen closet - it's a simple matter of changing where the door opens. And the third floor, which is an unfinished attic is just begging to be finished - it has beautiful bones, including diagonal and cross beams, a normal staircase and beautiful windows and v360 degree iews of the property. It would make a wonderful "bonus" room (not a bedroom, because a bedroom needs a change in the Certificate of Occupancy as well as the addition of a sprinkler system, I believe) - a playroom for the kids, perhaps. And the basement needs to be finished - with recreational space, including a hardwood floor for's a walkout basement (it opens up to the side yard), so there is a possibility it could be a yoga studio. If not, it still is worth turning into an actual room, since it is on the ground floor with a full door to the outside.

But anyway, so I missed the led practice, which was disappointing, but also good because I needed a rest since on Friday I did not only my practice but also Standing Led Class, led by one of my fellow teacher trainees. It was great. But I was tired yesterday. I think it's going to be a tiring couple of months if I keep up at this pace - my regular practice, plus attending the classes taugh by the other teacher trainees.

Today, I couldn't get to the shala because Brian had had a sleepover playdate, and they needed me to make them breakfast, and the Husband needed to get to the gym, and I knew that I could do my practice at home, so it was an easy decision of who should stay home. I decided to practice with my R. Sharath DVD. My concern, if any, was that it would be too fast for me to get into postures and still have five breaths left. But actually, it was quite slow paced compared to what I have become used to. I so enjoyed it! I admit though, that I did do Supta K twice, turning off the DVD for the second one, which also gave me time to schpritz myself with water for Garba P. Oh, and I turned off the DVD to do extra Surya Namaskaras, since Sharath only leads though three of each. Other than that, I followed the DVD from beginning to end, and I listened to him saying the Sanskrit numbers, and, well, I am too tired to say more than, I LOVED it. Perfect pacing, if a teeny bit slow. Minimal talk. No talk, in fact. Just the meditative breath and the numbers.

Tomorrow, back to Shala X. I think I might be ready to try a Sir adjustment in Supta K again. I feel NOTHING in my back. But if I am thinking about my back at all, I will have to "back" off. No biggie. I have a LOT of work to do in Garba Pindasana with regard to the rolling. Maybe I am having trouble with the rolling because my back is strained though? We shall see.


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boodiba said...

When you first start threading your arms in G Pindasana, you've gotta use your abs more to "get it up".

Or at least that was the case with me.

Good luck with the house!!!

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