Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American "I" Tool

Guess what everybody?

I've decided to do a series on yoga teachers, and it's going to be called, "Rate This Yoga Teacher". I am going to find photos of yoga teachers on yoga studio web sites, copy them into this blog and ask you guys to rate them as teachers. Good idea, right? I mean, hell, what kind of expecation can one have when they allow their photo to be put on a yoga studio web site? As far as I am concerned, the fact that no one has done this YET is like a big sucking vacuum in the yoga blog universe.

Oh! That reminds me. While I am at it, I think I am going to take the profile photos from all of your blogs, along with some choice bits of text that I think represent who you are, and I am going to copy it to my blog in a series of posts that I think I might call, "You Should Have Thought of That Before You Put it Out There In The First Place".

Then I am going to ask everyone who reads my blog to rate the bloggers. Hell, I might even go balls out and create a phone number to which you can text your votes, a la American Idol. The one with the most votes gets....lunch with me! Yay!!! I will honor the winner with my presence, and the winner shall be grateful and happy, and it will totally be a win-win, because you get lunch with me, and I get to score a book deal. And, worst case scenario, if the book deal doesn't pan out, then I can always go back to my original plan, which was to get through all of Fourth Series by next February.



Vanessa said...

I join you on the dislike of the "rate the bachelor" posts. But I wouldn't turn this into a blogwar. Think about it: can anything good come out of it?

If it really bothers you that much, I guess you can offer that person the chance to delete the posts under the threat of being reported to nerve or whatever dating site the pictures came from?

samasthiti said...

This is totally ridiculous.
I understand what you are saying, but
you are going way over board.

Anonymous said...

I'm 5 seconds away from calling nerve and "reporting" her.

Anonymous said...

People are fucking starving in the world.
Children are starving in America, and you are
wasting your time creating more division and animosity.
I don't care about her behavior, although it is in bad taste. But, how does your behavior reflect on you as a "yoga" teacher?

boodiba said...

Well I see how you really feel! It's ok with me, but I was only being mischievous. If you think I'm so wrong, to copy my behavior just makes you a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Guys, is it not clear that YC was making a JOKE? She was pointing out how what Linda did was in really poor taste... And Linda, we all make mistakes, and maybe don't realize that the internet - and new york - can be a VERY small place...

Anonymous said...


zee said...


Over the last few days a huge amount of controversy has been filled out the Ashtangi.NET blogosphere.

Blogwars have broken out between obsessive schoolschildren who have nothing better to do with their time than flame each other. Today, it's developed into a pitch battle between the batchelor canidate’s representative and all protective yoga instructors. It's time to spice up this thing, so let it all get out of hands right to the streets of NYC.

YC,, the entire yoga nation support you wholehartly.. let expose yoga teachers. Tell us who they are … we have rights to know… Go girl… you can do it…

…ZEE NEWS… BREAKING NEWS…the latest, the fastest in ashtanga yoga all over the planet …

"YC" said...

V - I didn't want to create a blogwar. I really feel strongly about what was being done - I felt that it was insensitive bordering on cruel.

S - I don't think that posting a blind item is anything near going overboard. I have a right to express my opinion on my blog. You have the right to express your opinion on yours. And so on. That doesn't mean that people won't criticize our respective points of view on any particular issue. And it's not going overboard when they do.

Anon - no, this isn't about world peace or world hunger. It's non-violence on a micro level. Hurt one person, hurt them all. What kind of dating world would it be if putting yourself out there meant putting yourself out there to be pointed at and mocked. His eyes, his smile, his irritable bowel. If I ever found out that someone I was thinking of dating was putting my face on his blog and asking for feedback from the entire world, it wouldn't take me more than two seconds to be putting together a lawyer letter demanding that this cease and desist.

There is something called an expectation of privacy. Celebrities have very little claim to that. But every day joes have not only an expectation of privacy but a right of privacy, legally speaking. And putting their face on a dating site would be unlikely to turn them into a public figure. I would strongly argue that blogging to an audience of 1500 readers a week does not even rise to the level of "public figure". So, posting your face on Nerve for the purpose of getting dates certainly would not open the door to having one's privacy invaded.

But them million dollar question: why do I care? Because when I see violence being done, I do what I can to stop it. Linda asked me why I didn't go to her directly. But I DID. I posted comments on her blog. She had reasons and excuses and work-arounds, none of which addressed my expressed concerns.

If I was in a schoolyard and I saw a bully beating up a kid, I would step in. I encourage my kids to befriend even the dorky kids, ESPECIALLY the dorky kids. Because they need the help.

It's not world hunger, but it's my contribution to world peace, one human being at a time, being treated as a human being.

Call it what you will. It has NOTHING to do with yoga.


It's called human decency.

DK said...


Anonymous said...

fourth series by next feb might be hard since you can't get past primary yet, chickie. God, you always right so much dross, it's really hard to wade through but I keep coming back, don't I?

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