Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Looking back on a decade of motherhood

Brian turned 10 today. It doesn't make me feel old. But it makes him seem old. He is a pre-teen, although only his moodiness betrays it.

So, what is there to say about the first 10 years of childrearing? Surprisingly, not a lot. Motherhood is simply the best thing I could have ever done with my life, and these 10 years have been the most amazing, trippy, joyful, scary, industrious, eye-opening, love-filled years of my entire life. I still look at my children and wonder with awe how it is that they grew in my belly and came out looking like wholly formed, well, actually not really wholly formed, mini-humans and are now these giant, well, actually not really giant, but still, fully human size, people who have their own distinctive personalities and quirks that are entirely separate from mine and each others'. It doesn't hurt that they look like me, especially Brian. I mean, that's just plain old Darwinism. If our cavemen great great great to the 15th power grandparents didn't look like their parents, perhaps said parents wouldn't have taken such good care of them? I don't know. I know some won't agree with that. For heaven's sake, I know one yogi who doesn't believe in evolution at all. As we like to say here in America, "go figure".


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Anonymous said...

hi lauren, congratulations with your boy, i do totally agree with you about the love and awe one's children can instill in you, wait till the grandchildren arrive and you get that feeling all over again, at least, that is what happened to me now i have a two month old baby-grandson :-), ivdp

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