Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bound hands appear solid in Supta K

Practice felt really good today. This training I'm doing with Lori has really given my practice a kick in the butt, in a good way. It's as if my practice before the training was a boat that had some leaks. It was going to get me across the river, but it was taking a LOT of effort to row that boat with the water leaking in. The training has patched the boat up. No more leaks, or at least less leaks. The rowing is easier. The trip much more fun.

Specifically, and hopefully without jinxing myself, it was pretty much a drama-free moment when Sir put me into Supta K, solidly, hand to hand grasp, hands first, then ankles crossed, the way it was meant to be. And for that matter, Garba P was pretty smooth as well: the heels of my hands form a "v" at my chin and my hands run alongside my face, with my fingers ending up by my ears. Then when it's time to roll, I easily move my hands to my forehead/crown. The only catch is that in keeping my hands up by my forehead, it takes me about 15 rolls to get around, rather than the prescribed 9. Kukku is fine. It's the rolling that is going to be the task for me to surmount, I think. But it seems to be a bandha thing.

Oh, and jump backs WILL happen. They are simmering nicely now that I've taken them off the back burner.

I heart Ashtanga!



Tiff said...

Wooo hooo...I remember I nearly crapped in my pants when I bound hands...I've only gotten my wrist once so far - some wise old fool once said, "practice and all is coming," right? Anyway, I know how exciting that day was, so I can celebrate your achievement with you...

Anonymous said...

please do get rid of the picture of your butt.

boodiba said...

What's wrong with the butt shot?

"YC" said...

The lighting and angle make my butt look like the butt that ate the Primary Series. But I kind of like it anyway. It's a challenge to my vanity, gauntlet thrown down by my ego.

I will remove it when I find something equally provocative to put up in its stead!

Anonymous said...

Butt the pants are see through!
You can see holes in the upper inner thigh.
And it's not all lighting, because you
can see your shirt through the pants in one picture in that series.
I don't think it looks big.
I actually like the picture except for the shiny ass showing through...

boodiba said...

Maybe YC's ass is experiencing enLIGHTenment?

Sorry. Please forgive me. I haven't started working yet...

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