Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Better short than not

After boldly declaring that I was going to go to the shala to practice, I proceeded to have a huge fight with myself over whether I actually would do so. Turns out I won, and so I hauled ass over to the CT Shala, did all of standing, three amazingly crappy backbends, three really, really fine seated poses and then two minutes of rest. I had an appointment in the city, which I got to on time, and I didn't have to worry about practicing the rest of the day, although when I came home and bathed (scalding hot, but not up to my heart, Bindifry), I did many of the seated poses while soaking and then Pasasana when I came out.

Yes, I am an addict, indeed. Or, you might say that I am attached to my practice. Whichever. Can't we just say that I just like bending? It makes me feel good, and what's wrong with feeling good?

I remember that once Sir said that the yoga practice should make us feel good. Indeed.


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