Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After, or rather, kind of during

Or, really, during. We still have some gets that need gotten, like a chair across from the two leather club chairs, with an ottoman. And a large, entryway size mirror for behind those two club chairs to reflect the beautiful outdoors that can be seen outside the sliding glass doors across from the chairs.

The carpet is a bit mod for me, but the husband put an embargo on anything country, anything with flowers, anything paisley, anything oriental. I briefly considered a one-color rug, in a faux bois pattern (meaning that it looks like wood grain, even though it obviously is not wood. And then I decided that would look flat.

This room no longer says "F.U." and "Don't even think about coming in here."

Remember what it used to look like (scroll down)?



Carl said...

Wow, I didn't realize people are still attempting to make fake wood seem like a good thing. "Faux bois" almost makes it sound attractive.

"And look... it's genuine foe boyz."

Yoga Chickie said...

Carl, carl, carl. The idea isn't to pretend it is wood, like, for example, aluminum siding instead of clapboard. The idea is to take inspiration from the way wood looks and translate it into something completely NOT like wood, like, in this case, an area rug. But this is all moot anyway because i went with the mod rug, which is faux optical illusion.

DebPC said...

I LOVE the mod rug.

jlafitte said...

Do I STILL see that POS lcd panel over the mantel?? Am I going to have to go over there and kick everyone's cinematically philistine ass?

Yoga Chickie said...

yes, jlafitte, we still are behind the times...

eeyore said...

jean, what am i looking at?

jlafitte said...

That elongated postage stamp over the mantel, unfit for the glories of Bergman, Fellini et al. I know, it's hard to see.

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