Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Attention fans of Pokemon Master

The Pokemon Master publishes answers for the patiently waiting fans.

The Pokemon Master would like to know if anyone has a Shaymin? And whom do you prefer: Darkrya (left) or Shaymin (right)?



Anonymous said...

dude, don't keep pimping your kid's site like this. no pokeman. BAD YC!

Pokemon Master said...

Pokemon is cool. Pokemon Master RULES!

elise said...

Hello! So I couldn't help but notice that you are quite the avid writer! How is Conn? I started this new project,, and part of it is an online ashtanga mag. Check it out...Maybe write something!


Yoga Chickie said...

Hi Elise!! I have been reading you (as you probably know) all along, and I've missed your posts. Maybe I will write something for you!

Have you been practicing at Guy's?

xo, Lauren

Anonymous said...

are you sure that wasn't a mysore wank, yc?

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