Thursday, July 26, 2007

what is it about trains?

For me, there is something viscerally satisfying about traveling by train. I love the way it breaks up a trip into manageable chunks - a drive to the station, the ride on the train, the traveling to wherever I'm going afterward. It helps that my time pressure is almost non-existent, but then, even if I had a specific timeframe, I think I would like the discipline that having to "make" a train instills.

I first noticed how much I love trains the first time we rented a summer house in Westport. We were not far from the train station, and I used to listen for the train whistle at night when it was otherwise quiet. Now, I occasionally hear a train whistle when outside on my back porch in the evening, and I wonder how it is that I can hear it at all, considering that the nearest train station is still a fifteen minute's drive by car.

I'm on the train now, and I am loving that I can read, write or close my eyes and still get to where I'm going. I feel for those who dread this ritual. I find so much peace in it that I believe it enhances my morning practice.

We shall see. Today, I will probably miss assisted dropbacks. In exchange for that loss, I will gain the ability to try the Laksmi-patented wall warmup. As Third Series Am I Sore noted, may the force be with me.....



boodiba said...

I wonder if I should change the name of my blog, since I am not currently planning the third trip, being scared off by the potential homelessness thing.

But a third trip will PROBABLY happen at some point!?

boodiba said...

Hey - what happened to your last posts??

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