Sunday, July 01, 2007

Notwithstanding the contract out on me,

, not to mention the contract I have out on a certain house in Northern Westchester County which contract is set to close tomorrow, and notwithstanding the late our at which I retired yesterday evening after seeing the funny but wildly unrealistic-to-the-point-of-distraction and overly loooooooong The 23 Year Old Stoner, or as it is also known, Knocked Up, I had a really momentous practice today.

Those don't come along very often, and you never know when you're going to have one, which is a lesson in life and yoga in and of itseld. But today, with my body aching from packing up my entire apartment (that's right folks, YC does this herself, being too thrifty and controlling to allow a group of strange, burly Israelis do it for her), my mind busy slaying the fire-breathing dragon of thoughts that keep breaking free of their harnesses, trying to speak to me of town tennis, parking and pool permits, finding a tae kwo do dojo for the little worker bee who is currently at camp, wondering about the baseball scene in the new town for the sports star who is also currently at camp, considering the brown spots on my lawn and the packets of flower and herb seeds I have in my possession and what to do about all of that, spinning ideas about whether I can have an open compost pile despite the wildlife that roams the neighborhood .....I got up to practice yoga with Mark, who begins his third summer at our shala today.

Today I bound wrists in every Marichy. And my hands overlapped so much in Supta K, I wondered later if I had missed an opportunity to wrist-bind there too. Mark was fairly stunned, - think it is safe to say, as he stood there after my Tittibasana exit and said, "ItKs like you have a different body now. Not just from two summers ago, but from the last time I was here."

He was referring to the practice, not the weight loss, although at 107, I am now close to 20 pounds smaller than I was when I started practicing yoga on a daiy basis in 2003.

This ashtanga practice, it really has the power to transform a body. As for spiritually, I am obviously way more enlightened than I was when I couldn't manage Mari C on my own-I mean obviously, the more advanced your asanas, the more advanced your level of personal evolution, the closer to bliss you are. Of course. I mean duh.



Cody Pomeray said...

at 107 lbs. you've now reached my 10 year old weight!

Anonymous said...

does that mean your movers are koshe?

Yogamum said...

I just love that last paragraph. But OF COURSE you are more enlightened!!

Vanessa said...

You are thinner than I now! I clocked in at 108 this last two weeks.

skelly said...

Good lord you girls could give me an eating disorder, Im 127 pounds which I had always thought fairly normal at 5ft 7. Cranky where are you ? the waifs are taking over the world

Vanessa said...

Yah well you've got 7 inches on me!

skelly said...

Thank heavens for that Vanessa, I was about to rush down to Morrisons and buy nothing but salad :) then completely give up drinking and chocolate. Hang now thats never going to happen

cranky housefrau said...

here! here i am! i weigh 155 pounds at 5'7" and i can bind my ankles in kapotasana and stick my feet behind my head for supta kurmasana and yogi nidrasana!!!! maybe you all just need to be FATTER, like me :)
right now i am eating an ENORMOUS piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and i am feeling VERY enlightened.

Anonymous said...

since we're all weighing ourselves, I'm 5'8 and a half (that half is really important to me) and 138 pounds, and you all say I'm skinny--that's 11 pounds more that skelly with only an extra inch (and a half) in height.
oh, and i see adrian visited you.

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