Monday, March 09, 2009

For Grimmly...NOT my best work. But, eh, what can ya do...

I just wanted to show our favorite obsessive video Ashtangi, Grimmly, that even a rather lame backbender like myself can manage the whatever-you-call-it that I am doing in this video (taken by 9-year old, Adam, thank you, Adam). See, I don't think that this has much, if anything, to do with tic-tocs. But I am happy to hear dissenting opinions.

Oh, and I did a Bikram class today, and it made me look forward to practicing Ashtanga tomorrow. So, yay!



C.K. said...

Nice soundtrack!
Dharma turns 70 May 14.

Yoga Chickie said...

Soundtrack?! Are you hearing something I'm not hearing?? This DEFINES lowtech.

Yoga Chickie said...

Oh, and my son turns 12 on March 28. My other son turns 10 on May 25. We're sharing birthdays, right?

Grimmly said...

A post all of my very own, I'm touched. Think you're right that headstand to backbend might have been a better idea but have decided to jump, or rather drop, straight in.
"obsessive video Ashtangi" who me? Actually I think I might have got the idea of a video diary from your dropback and lcrandall30's Kapo vids on Youtube a year or so ago.

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