Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back to business

I want to take my knees in this photo and puuuuush them toward my chest...and make my chest go splat against the wall.
Not gonna happen today, I guess.
But this is at least the closest I have ever gotten my feet to my hands in a full wheel.
My backbend must be fairly open today or hip chest...dunno..because I got my right hand to my right toes easily in Kapotasana today. Not even close on the left.
Oh, and depressingly, I am losing the abilityto bind by myself in Supta Kurmasana. But maybe my stomach is kind of bloated right now from all the antibiotics I've been on (tooth infection/root canal yesterday)? That seems to be what happens when I go on antibiotics. Or maybe I need to take off a couple? Eek. No. I reject that.

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