Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Still biting my nails, stil not playing violin,

still haven't written a poem since 1987, still writing it all down, but practice was better today. Got the hands together in Supta K, and of course, the feet, since the feet go first now. Have I mentioned that concession that's been made by my teacher? I am very grateful.

It's still bitter cold here in NYC. But that didn't stop the True Yogis from coming to my class today. And by True Yogis, I mean the personal trainers of Focus Integrated Fitness. These kids ROCK yoga, and I don't think they even realize it. And I'm not talking about what they can do physically, which happens to be quite astonishing. What I'm talking about is the fact that nothing rattles them - not even when the practice room gets moved from the Vinyasa room to the Ashtanga room one week, the Ashtanga room to the Iyengar room the next. Not even when they have to wait fifteen minutes for class to begin because the Iyengar class went over its time slot. They just go with it. It's awesome.


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