Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Whatever

Is it Day 8? Or Day 1 again? Or Day None because the deal was I was supposed to practice outside every single day that the weather permits. And today, the weather did not permit. Far from it. Rather, I practiced in my


As you can see, it's not quite finished, but the walls are up, the floors, the moldings, even the French doors. It needs a paint job (sky blue, I'm thinking at the moment, to go in a French country way with the lemon yellow of the walls outside the yoga room), door knobs, the closet needs shelves and a hanging bar. I'd also like to add a mirror and maybe a ballet bar to the back wall (opposite the french doors).

This is one part of the "basement" level of my house, which is really only half underground. As you can see from the pic, there is a picture window and a door to the garden on the side of my house, where I planted Wisteria and am growing a cutting garden of Zinnias. So, the French doors allow light in from the window and door and afford a view of the greenery outside.

The rest of the basement is going to be a rec room for the kids. There will be a large-screen television, a big comfy couch, a couple of toy closets and some game tables (ping pong, for one). I'll move my sewing machine down there, and the futon/couch that used to be in the kids' playroom in our apartment in the city. There is also a full bath that has all the fixtures in, but none of them have been hooked up yet. So, theoretically, I could do my yoga and shower and emerge fully ready for whatever!

But the important thing for me is that I can close those French doors and still see the light from the outside but not hear whatever is going on in the rest of the house. And the space can be heated to delightfully sweaty levels with just a single space heater.


I did my practice there this afternoon. It was great, except for my backbends, which are stiff and uncomfortable. Could it be the damn weather? My wrists feel like they cannot hold my arms up. It's quite distressing. It comes and goes. I hate when it comes though.

Backing up a bit, I did take Lewis on his fitness walk this morning. Thirty minutes in the nature preserve in Greenwich (we HAVE to drive to take a leash walk...insane, I know, but really, it is the only way that works due to a combination of factors, including the electric fence and the fact that there are no sidewalks here). Then I had to go biannual appointment with Dr. H. This makes seven years.

All is well. Praise science.



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your yoga room looks wonderful!

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